Send your message in a big way with advertising banners! Vinyl banners are an inexpensive and effective way to advertise your product, event, company or brand. Banners are used in virtually all business ventures, and are an effective tool for marketing to any potential audience. Imagine a trade show devoid of banners, or a company event without the company’s logo displayed prominently in the host facility. Banners can be small, large or enormous. With a full range of rich colors, they can be hung from existing fixtures, affixed to a wall or integrated into a freestanding apparatus, thus becoming mobile and allowing their placement wherever space is available. Grommets are typically installed on corners or along edges of a banner, providing a method of attachment to secure the banner to its environment.


Special Banners for Special Events

Special events, promotions or sales at a retail establishment will utilize banners to convey the desired message to clients. You will find banners at malls, schools, public recreation spaces, parades and theaters to name a few. Two-sided banners can cover more ground, as they can be placed in windows, hung or mounted between various elements of the display space. Certain hardware even allows the configuration of multiple banners to create a three- or four-sided display, visible from virtually any angle.

We print banners for indoor and outdoor use, short and long term. Even if exposed to prolonged sunlight, a banner printed on UV outdoor ink will last several years without fading or needing replacement. Custom banners are an instant read for potential customers and event attendees and have the visual impact of billboards, with virtually none of the high costs.

Whether you’re hosting an event, participating in a trade show, or looking to showcase your wares to a large audience, our banners are a great way to go. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you get your message out to the world.

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