Give your products a special shine. With a wide range of coatings that we can apply to your printed products, you will look great, stand out from the rest, and have an overall feel of high quality. Add a metallic, glitter, gloss and more to your signs with our specialty coatings.


Different Uses for Coatings

Technology drives progress, and this is evident in the variety of specialty printers and print coatings that have become available in recent years. The continuing evolution of this technology has brought us to what would seem like magic only a few decades ago. Complex graphics applied to non-standard media, artistic vision transformed into the physical realm and designs limited only by the imagination of the creator. Do you need a clear spot UV coating, metallic ink or glitter printing? Screen printing is an excellent way to customize your project and make it pop. Looking for something unique? We can also print a liquid erasable coating for dry erase applications which is far more economical than other alternatives. Want to add fridge magnets to your conference room signage or have a place to chalk up a menu? Magnetic inks, chalk board inks, textured Inks and much more can all be done with the latest UV ink technologies.

Don’t wait to give your posters, signs, brochures and banners the extra touch that will make them stand head and shoulders above the competition. Call us today to learn more.

Why Choose B&B Image Group

Quick Turnaround

Time is money, and our rapid processing will deliver all of your projects on time, every time.

Competitive PricinG

When you invest in our services, you are guaranteed to get the most for your money.

High Quality

With state-of-the-art printing technology, we ensure the highest quality output available.

Employee Owned

As an employee owned business, we take pride in our service and commitment to quality.

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