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Coating Your Signs and Banners: Creating an Interactive Experience that also Builds Your Brand

When looking at options for signage and in-store advertising, you may often think that there is just not enough room for everything you want to say. Another problem often encountered is when you want to add an extra item to the menu or leave a special message, but have to resort to generic chalkboards or whiteboards to write it down. The sign pros at B&B Image Group are here to help you blend the best of both worlds by creating branded posters, banners, and signage and then applying a coating that enables you to use it as a blackboard at the same time.

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Thinking Outside the Box: Advertising Beyond Traditional Signage

Whether you are advertising your business or promoting a limited time offer adhesive vinyl graphics are a great way to spread the word.  Vinyl graphics are fully customizable so you are able to match your company's logo with the right colors, fonts, and images.  Plus, vinyl graphics are inexpensive, so they are a great choice for limited time offers or for businesses with a tight budget.  The best feature about vinyl graphics is that they are adaptable.  This means that you can use them just about anywhere and in several applications.  Let's take a closer look at how you can advertise with vinyl graphics in innovative ways.  

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How are Die Cut Signs Made?

If you are looking to really make an impression with your advertising then die cut signage is a great option.  With a range of materials available die cut signs are a popular option because of their striking appearance and ability to be custom made to your specifications.  Understanding the different options available for die cut signs can be difficult.  Let's take a look at how each die cut option is made and what considerations you need to make before customizing your sign.

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The Evolution of Screen Printing

Screen printing is an economical and effective way to mass produce imagery and signage. Companies often utilize screen printing to quickly replicate advertisements or signs that will last for years. While the idea of mass production seems very modern in concept the truth is screen printing has been around for over one thousand years.

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How Wide Print Formatting Can Expand Your Brand

Until recently, advertising materials have been restricted to a size that a commercial printer could handle. Smaller size advertisements, though fine for some applications, can really lack the bold appearance and size needed to expand your brand. Being able to fully display your brand and advertisement allows you to reach more customers with a bigger and bolder message. Wide print formatting will allow you to do just this.

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Three Important Questions to Ask When You Need Sign Prototyping Done

If you need signage made for your retail store, you are probably looking for a printing company who offers sign prototyping services. The signage you will need for your store is not all exactly the same. You may need signs for your windows, signs for shelves and signs to display by the check-out stands. However, while they may not be the same, you need the signs to look consistent with the other signs used throughout your store. This is a process called prototyping print services. As you look to hire a company for sign prototyping services, there are three key questions to ask to help you find the right company for your needs. Here are three important questions to ask when you need sign prototyping done.

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3 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Display Pop in 2018

When you attend a trade show, you want all eyes on your display. It needs to highlight your company and its brand in a professional and positive manner. The following ideas can easily update your trade show display and make it easier to capture the attention of those people that you're targeting.

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The Advantages of Digital Printing

As a business owner, there are many reasons why you may need printing services. You may need to print flyers, retail signage, banners, displays, menus, or mailers. When it comes to printing services, you can select from analog printing, screen prAnchorinting or digital printing services. Here are three of the advantages associated with digital printing.

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How to Make Your Banner Stand Out

A retail banner can be used to help attract the attention of customers. It can let customers walking by your store know that you are having a sale going on or that you carry certain products. Or it can be used at a street fair or trade show to help people know which booth is yours. But, in order for your banner to work as intended, it must stand out from all of the other banners that customers see day in and day out. Here are a few tips that can help your banner to stand out.

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Location, Location, Location! Is your sign placed in the best place to draw business?

Even if you put in the effort to make sure your sign is concise and eye-catching, it won't matter as much if it is not also in a location that can actually be seen by potential customers. When it comes to signage the mantra of real estate is not off base, and this is that location, location, location is key.

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