To the layman, signage is just something that is around and yet most people don't realize to what extent it exists. Signage is everywhere. Storefronts and business have the sign of their name out front, but also have signs inside to direct the flow of traffic as clients and customers walk through, advertise sales or items of interest, or proclaim available services. Some signs are meant to remain permanent while others are only intended to perform a specific temporary function, but signage in some form is an absolute necessity for every business to find continued success.

Point of Sale

Point of sale signage are used to appeal to a specific audience as they review products in preparation for deciding which will best suit their needs. Whether there is a sale price or simply to point out specific features an item may have over similar competitors; products, signage on site can be the deciding factor towards a purchase. Further, point of sale signage adds to brand familiarity so when a potential customer sees your brand name next time they'll remember an inherent knowledge and familiarity with your company. Such confidence will result in more sales over time.

Architectural Signage

The use of permanent indoor signs is how you direct traffic and show your customers how to get to the items or services they need. Although you tend to think of indoor signage in conjunction with retail stores, if you look around you'll realize it's everywhere. College buildings, public government buildings, restaurants, really anywhere the general public is allowed is going to have signage to direct people where they need to go. In addition to helping your customers, indoor signage can be used to help your business by directing potential customers to use your product rather than a competing service.


Banners function much like architectural signage but are generally a temporary rather than permanent solution. Banners are often used for a one-time or annual event as they can be put up for several days or weeks and then removed and stored for the time they aren't relevant. Again, the concept remains the same of helping your customers or supporters while building name recognition. Because of their typically temporary nature, banners are reasonably priced although they can be used as a more permanent solution if put in place and left alone rather than be shipped, stored, and constantly folded and moved.