Wayfinding signage is one of the most important things you can have in your organization or business. Simply put, wayfinding signage helps people make their way around a location and find where they are going. Well-planned wayfinding signage is a key to operating an effective business or organization.


At B&B Image Group in Minneapolis, we understand what it takes to put together effective wayfinding signage that will help people get where they are going easily. We are custom interior architectural signage experts with a keen eye for branding. Read on to learn more about what makes great wayfinding signage.


Well-planned Directional Wayfinding Signage

Well-planned wayfinding signage can help your clients to have a better overall experience. It should allow your clients to arrive at their destinations easily without gaps in the information. Wayfinding should be virtually effortless for your customer or client. You can also use good wayfinding signage to control how easily your customers access a particular product, directing them to a particular product with minimal effort. Poor wayfinding signage, on the other hand, can lead to a negative customer experience, which will in turn negatively impact your brand image.


Good wayfinding signage is important for many locations:

●        Retail stores

●        Educational institutions

●        Office buildings

●        Residential developments

●        Churches and nonprofits


Branded Wayfinding Signage

Good wayfinding signage will play on your organizational brand or identity. This helps your signage to stand out from its surroundings and helps customers to easily identify it. It also helps to reinforce your brand identity, or the set of ideals and values your customer associates with your brand. Reinforce your organizational brand with stylized fonts, colors, and styles that customers associate with your logo and other marketing materials.


Simple and Clear Interior Architectural Signage

One of the keys to great wayfinding materials is not to overload the customer with information. Create a clear and consistent image so that each directional sign is similar and easily identifiable against its surroundings. Show only what is relevant to the directional information in that element of the navigational path. Keep your font clear, bold, and easily recognizable. Fonts should also be large enough to easily read. You want your customers to get where they are going without having to put much thought into it.


Here are a few extra tips:

1.      Use a sans serif font because they are easier to read quickly.

2.      Use differently weighted fonts from the same family.

3.      Use consistent fonts from one sign to the next.


Minneapolis Wayfinding and Retail Signage Experts

When you need wayfinding signage, you want the best for your business. Our retail signage experts at B&B Image Group in Minneapolis understand what it takes to create clear wayfinding signage that helps build your organizational brand. We offer design services to help you create signage you can be proud of. Give us a call at 612-788-09461, or contact us online for more information.