Trade shows can be a valuable investment of your organization’s time and resources. They offer terrific opportunities for connecting with other industry professionals as well as spreading your name recognition and gaining new clients. But before you ever get the chance to share your brand and ideas with trade show visitors, you have to get them to want to talk to you to begin with.


This is where trade show signage becomes important. At B&B Image Group in Minneapolis, we understand how important your trade show signage is for getting the word out about your brand. Check out this great guide to learn how you can create the perfect signage for any trade show.


Consider Customer Eye Level

When trade show goers pass by your booth, you want them to be able to catch signage at eye level. Consider the average height of most attendees of the trade show. When signage is placed at eye level, it is more likely to attract customers’ attention. You want to create signage that stands out for customers from across the room or at least six feet away.


Integrate Your Brand Identity

All of your trade show materials should reinforce your company brand. Your organizational brand is the set of feelings and ideas your customers come to associate with your company or product. Designers use font, logo, colors, and graphic styles to reinforce the values, goals, and objectives of your organization.


A seasoned designer will understand design principles and integrate your branding flawlessly, leaving your trade show contacts with a powerful sense of your brand identity. All of your trade show signage and marketing materials should reflect your brand identity.


Don’t forget to integrate your brand into these materials:

●        Banners

●        Flyers

●        Brochures

●        Tabletop graphics

●        Business cards

●        Table tents


Keep Your Banner Clear and Interesting

One of the biggest mistakes trade show participants make is trying to cram too much information into a banner. Your banner should be clear and concise, encouraging trade show visitors to stop and engage with you to learn more about your organization. A graphics-heavy banner can be visually difficult to absorb, causing passers-by to lose interest.


Save large pieces of informational text for your brochures. Remember, however, that in the Digital age, trade show participants want easy access to your digital accounts. Consider placing your website and Instagram account on every material you have, including your banner.


Minneapolis Printing Services

Don’t take a chance when it comes to representing your organization. When it comes to trade show signage, we offer graphic design and printing services to help you put your best foot forward. From prototyping to fabrication, we’ve got you covered. To find out how we can help you make a terrific trade show impression, give us a call at 612-788-09461, or contact us online.