Printing services vary in terms of cost, quality and applications, making it important to understand the benefits and attributes of specific techniques, such as screen printing. This classic technique for creating lasting marketing collateral is simple, yet highly effective. The process involves transferring dye onto a material of your choice, with lasting results.

Transfer of Dye

Screen printing is a process that’s evolved over hundreds of years, to become more accurate and varied in its applications. In general, the process involves using a mesh to transfer dye to a substrate. The substrate material can vary from metal to advanced plastics. Certain areas are covered by a stencil or pattern, allowing for the creation of a design. Multiple colors can be added with subsequent repetitions of the process and adjustments of the stencil. This process can be altered to meet your needs and requirements.

Multiple Products

Screen printing can result in a wide variety of products ranging from custom banners used for advertising at baseball stadiums, to decals used on vehicles and store windows. If you have specific materials you’d like to use, but you aren’t sure it’s right for screen printing, your printer can help you through the design process. Chances are you’ll be able to create what you need, given the versatility of screen printing and modern technology.

Five of the most popular screen printed products:

-Real Estate Signage


-Bumper Stickers



Vibrant Colors

The net result of a screen printing job is a vibrant, eye-catching display of your company’s logo or marketing collateral. The colors are crisp and can span the spectrum of the rainbow, based on your printing requirements and marketing objectives. These colors can stand-up to the elements, making it a cost-effective method of communicating using physical objects. Sure, digital marketing is nice, but tangible representations of you message still hold sway over your clientele.

Screen printing is a tested and reliable method for producing the marketing collateral you need, to boost your business or spread the word about a particular cause. While the process varies from one printer to another, the general procedure is the same. Look to an experienced printer to help you with all your screen printing needs.