When looking at options for signage and in-store advertising, you may often think that there is just not enough room for everything you want to say. Another problem often encountered is when you want to add an extra item to the menu or leave a special message, but have to resort to generic chalkboards or whiteboards to write it down. The sign pros at B&B Image Group are here to help you blend the best of both worlds by creating branded posters, banners, and signage and then applying a coating that enables you to use it as a blackboard at the same time. 

Chalkboards Highlight Daily Specials on a Familiar Background

Does your restaurant always run a daily menu special? Create stunning poster-sized sign using your unique branded graphics and then order it with a chalkboard coating on the center.  Your customers will instantly recognize the familiar banner while reading the updated message. This is a great option for delis, libraries, event centers, or other businesses that change schedules and happenings on a regular basis.

Invite Others to Participate with a Whiteboard Wall-Sized Banner

Another popular coating able to be applied to banners, posters, and directional signs is a whiteboard coat. Order a large wall-sized banner with your school or organization's name, colors, and graphics around the border. When you hold a dance, pot-luck supper, or sports event, invite the participants to add their autograph and thoughts. 

In the office, a whiteboard banner can offer extra room to brainstorm a new project while maintaining that professional appearance associated with your company culture. When the meeting is over, wipe it down, roll it up, and store it for the next planning session.

Celebrate the Holidays with Extra Glitter and Shine

Is it time to place your orders for seasonally themed signs? Add a bit of holiday cheer when you opt for an extra glitter coat that leaves your brand intact while adding that festive appearance you desire. Even going with a high-gloss coat instead of a standard matte can change up the look and feel of your seasonal signage.

For more ideas on how to highlight your Minneapolis, MN business and brand while increasing the function and appearance of your signage, give B&B Image Group a call today.