When it comes to marketing your business, you need to connect with your customers to create a lasting and loyal customer base. One of the central aspects of good marketing in the Information Age is building a powerful brand. Your brand helps build loyalty, keeping customers coming back for more. At B&B Image Group in Minneapolis, our printing services show we understand the importance of branding in today’s world. Learn more about these four great branding tips for effectiv signage:


Integrate Your Logo

It might seem obvious, but too often, companies create incredible signage while forgetting to incorporate their names. In the world of digital media, it is more important than ever to reinforce your organization’s name. From banners to retail signage, your signage should prominently feature your company’s logo to reinforce your customer’s familiarity. This will improve brand recognition and help your customers feel a sense of brand loyalty.


Examples of famous logo recognition:

●        Mcdonald’s—the golden arches

●        Disney—Mickey Mouse ears

●        Apple—The bitten apple


Add Your Company’s Slogan

Depending on your signage, reinforcing your company’s slogan, values, and mission can go a long way in building your brand. This helps your customers understand what sets you apart from your competition. A good slogan or effective tagline will remind your customers of their connections to your brand. Seeing these repeated over and over again will build a lasting impression.


Use Fonts Intentionally

One of the most critical components of branding is the consistency of style and tone. Using a style your customers are familiar with helps them feel connected to what you offer. Consider GAP ads. GAP ads and fonts have changed very minimally over the past 30 years. Most brands should rely on two primary fonts; using two fonts helps set apart other text from your logo. Customers will come to recognize this font pairing as representative of your company’s vision and mission. This helps to build a strong visual brand your customers will love.


Use Branded Color Combinations

Central to your brand is your company’s use of color. Customers begin to associate certain brands with certain colors that are easily identifiable with the image the company wishes to project. Consider the green and white combination of Starbucks. This color combination has come to be emblematic of the Starbucks image, one of social responsibility and great coffee. Reinforcing your brand’s color combination in your interior architectural signage will reinforce the ideals and values your company represents, creating a strong foundation for your brand.


Twin Cities Digital Printing and Signage Experts

Whether you are creating retail signage or interior architectural signage, you want to do everything you can to reinforce your brand. At B&B Image Group, we understand the importance of creating a strong brand image, and we offer beautiful signage to help you build customer loyalty. With our high-quality products and quick turnaround, we love to help you connect with your customers. Give us a call at 612-78809461, or contact us online for more information.