External marketing tools, such as banners, have the power to cost effectively increase brand awareness among multiple market segments including your target market. You can leverage the power of banners through strategic placement, eye-catching design, and high-quality materials that will keep your logo looking fresh and legible. Size and placement are critical for effective advertisement.

Public Placement

Whether you place your banner in a local sports arena or at a major ballpark, you can reach hundreds or thousands of passersby with your advertising. While not everyone will be a member of your target market, the foot traffic will increase awareness of your brand. Banners in public forums leverage your advertising dollars to the maximum. This is true if your banner is on a fence, on a wall at a special event, or located near a pedestrian walkway close to your business. Strategic placement and foot traffic are keys for getting your company name out there.

Eye-Catching Design

Banners provide you with a canvas to express your brand image in fun and creative ways. In addition to displaying your logo and company name, banners can communicate slogans, product information, or they can convey feelings of edginess or sophistication. Designing your banner with professional insight is important for developing the right message to communicate to the public. Crafting the right image can enhance your brand awareness in meaningful and impactful ways. An eye-catching banner that is viewed by pedestrians day-after-day raises awareness in the community.

Target Marketing

Custom sizes and shapes, along with highly durable printing materials, make banners effective tools for target marketing. You can place banners throughout the community in specific locations to catch the attention of your target market. For example, if you own a skate shop and there are colleges located in the community, placing banners in or around campus may engage your target market and increase brand awareness. You can leave banners outside and leverage the benefits of advertising in ways unrivalled by print media or TV ads. Instead, you can engage your target market daily without having to use multiple marketing channels.

For additional information on banner placement, design and production, please contact B&B Image Group today. The power of banners to increase brand awareness in Minneapolis, MN, is worth taking advantage of. The benefits of raising brand awareness with signage, printing services and adhesive vinyl graphics are hard to quantify.