Screen printing is an economical and effective way to mass produce imagery and signage. Companies often utilize screen printing to quickly replicate advertisements or signs that will last for years. While the idea of mass production seems very modern in concept the truth is screen printing has been around for over one thousand years.


The Beginning of Screen Printing

Evidence of screen printing techniques exists as early as 900 AD from the Song Dynasty in China. Often referred to as, "silk printing,” people originally would use panels of silk to act as the screen. The art of screen printing is believed to have been introduced to Western Europe in the 18th century. Silk was difficult to come by, though, so the popularity of screen printing in Europe did not take off until silk was more readily available through trade. Screen printing continued to remain an effective art form throughout the centuries but really took off in the 1960s.


With the major civil movements in the 1960s, namely the Civil Rights Movement, people needed bright, bold fliers to carry their messages that they could also easily distribute to people. The flyers had to be cheap and quickly made in large quantities. Screen printing was the clear answer. Bold patterns and images flooded the movement and helped carry the demonstrators' important message.


At this same time pop culture artist Andy Warhol managed to popularize the art of screen printing. In 1962, Warhol's famous Marilyn Monroe image swept the art world. This piece of artwork is a perfect example of screen printing. By popularizing the art form Warhol made sure that screen printing as a popular medium was here to stay.


Screen Printing Today

Today, screen printing still has the same appeal but has been modernized to become more economical, effective, and environmentally friendly. At B&B Image Group, we use materials for our screen printing process that withstand harsh UV light. Typically, signage will last up to six years without being laminated. Full color screen printed material is easily produced by mixing four main colors together to achieve the right shades and tints of color. With advances in technology, screen printing can be applied to any number of materials including plastics, metal, acrylic, and various types of vinyl.


With several printing options our customers have unlimited advertising and branding opportunities. Anything from decals, to bumper stickers, to wide format banners is possible. For more information about how B&B Image Group can help expand your brand with screen printed materials, contact us today.