Until recently, advertising materials have been restricted to a size that a commercial printer could handle. Smaller size advertisements, though fine for some applications, can really lack the bold appearance and size needed to expand your brand. Being able to fully display your brand and advertisement allows you to reach more customers with a bigger and bolder message. Wide print formatting will allow you to do just this.


What is Wide Format?

Wide print formatting is a way for people to create very large advertisements. The largest wide print format printer can produce images up to 80 x 120 inches. Wide format printing, though really just another form of digital printing, is perfect to use for detailed graphics or even photographs. The wide format printer will be able to create crisp, detailed images on a large scale. This type of printing can also produce full color imagery. Just like other printing methods, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key color black) is used to create the best color combinations to make your images come to life.


How can wide format help my brand?

Printing in wide format has endless possibilities. Printers are able to accommodate materials as thin as a piece of paper or on materials up to two inches thick. Often, wide print format is used to screen print banners, wall graphics, or even murals. A mural advertising your brand is a sure way to catch a potential customer’s eye.

By printing with wide format you can help to grow customers and expand your brand. This style of printing is very economical and can be produced quickly. Typically, digital printing in wide format can be more affordable than other traditional printing methods. By keeping costs down, and producing advertising materials quickly, you are able to reach more customers in less time, with a small price tag.


B&B Image Group Can Help

At B&B Image Group, we have the latest technology available for wide format printing. Our digital printer uses a roll of media rather than individual sheets, cutting down the cost and amount of time it takes to rapidly produce your material. Whether it is a banner, trade show graphic, or wall mural, B&B Image Group can help. We have professional design services that can help create your brand and find the most effective imagery and advertising techniques. To learn more, contact us today at 612.788.9461. Our professionals are eager to start designing your wide format advertising today!