When you attend a trade show, you want all eyes on your display. It needs to highlight your company and its brand in a professional and positive manner. The following ideas can easily update your trade show display and make it easier to capture the attention of those people that you're targeting.


1. Exceptional Graphics


At a trade show, you have a ready-made audience that already has an interest in what you have to offer, so that's already a plus. There is also a great deal of competition for that audience's attention. In fact, you have about three seconds to stand out enough from your neighbors and competition and prompt attendees to give you their attention. The graphics you choose not only need to be exceptional enough to meet this goal, but they also have to promote and support your brand and its objectives. The right placement and imagery of your graphics should align with your company and its goals. Taglines, colors, fonts, and other essentials are key elements that need to be considered when designing trade show graphics.


2. The Right Lighting


Even if you have the best graphics in the business, consumers won't notice them -- or your products—unless you use the right kind of lighting. Using backlighting to highlight your booth is one effective and value-driven way to do so. The placement of your lighting elements should begin at your eye level. Then move upward to make sure that your booth can be seen from far away. Using lighting to spotlight new products or to highlight particular elements of your brand.


3. Effective Design Ideas


Think outside the box when it comes to the design of your trade show booth. You want it to be a welcoming place that invites people to stop and explore. Provide different materials and textures to invite a hands-on experience. Include comfortable and curved seating to both invite attendees to relax and to break up the stark boxy shape that many booths adopt. The hands-on element can be amplified by including touchscreens and tablets that encourage consumers to explore what you have to offer in their own way.


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