A retail banner can be used to help attract the attention of customers. It can let customers walking by your store know that you are having a sale going on or that you carry certain products. Or it can be used at a street fair or trade show to help people know which booth is yours. But, in order for your banner to work as intended, it must stand out from all of the other banners that customers see day in and day out. Here are a few tips that can help your banner to stand out. 

Pick a Unique Backdrop Color

The majority of banners that are used by businesses are white. White banners tend to be cheaper in price and they are fairly standard, which is why businesses select them. However, a white banner does not stand out. The backdrop color for your banner can be any number of colors, including blue, red, yellow or green. When you are looking to have a banner made for your business, select a color that matches the theme or tone of your business to ensure that your banner is eye-catching and stands out. 

Use a Bold But Readable Font

Another way to help make your banner stand out is to use a bold font on your banner. One of the mistakes that business owners make is selecting a font that is either thin, too small or too light. When placed on a banner, people may not be able to read font that is thin, too small or light in color. As you select a font, pick one that is large and bold, but ensure it is readable as well. Don't select fancy fonts that may be hard to read. Stand back and see how easy your font is to read. It should be easy and the letters should be easily identifiable. 

Include Graphics

Lastly, make your banner stand out by including graphics or a picture. A picture can quickly and easily tell what your business has to offer without a consumer even having to read a word on your sign. This can help to increase business and help your sign stand out. 

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