Even if you put in the effort to make sure your sign is concise and eye-catching, it won't matter as much if it is not also in a location that can actually be seen by potential customers. When it comes to signage the mantra of real estate is not off base, and this is that location, location, location is key.


Three Keys to Great Sign Location

●        Near your business to show customers what you do and where exactly you are. Even if you advertise far and wide, and have radio ads, if you don't have clear signage immediately near your storefront chances are you are losing walk-ins and even customers who came to find you. Make it clear where and who you are.  

●        Convenient locations, for example, a sign near the exit of a concert advertising an all-night restaurant can bring in the after-concert crowds on weekends. A large banner across a bike marathon trail advertising your repair business can draw more customers during that time than the rest of the year. Be clever about your timing and locations and remember quality, long lasting vinyl signs can be moved as needed to the best location.

●        Signs visible from the road so travelers can locate your business. Even if it is a bit away from your location if it draws in the interstate or roadway traffic then it will be worth it. Many travelers will get off the road if something interesting pulls them in, or if a company they need in the moment is conveniently advertised at the right place.


In some cases, random locations can be beneficial. For example, a locksmith may want to advertise on other vehicles and in parking lots but in a subtle way that consumers will barely notice until they are actually standing there without their keys.


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