The term interior architectural signage is not a term that many people are familiar with. But it is something that we all see when we grocery shop, use a public restrooms, stay in a hotel or visit a commercial office building. If you own a retail store, office building, commercial building, hotel or restaurant, you may need interior architectural signage. Here is everything you need to know about this topic.


What is Interior Architectural Signage?

Interior architectural signage is all of the signage that is placed inside of a building to provide customers, visitors or employees with information. Architectural signage can tell people whether a bathroom is for men or women, where dressing rooms are, what suite different offices are located in or what aisle the products people are looking for are on. Architectural signage is also important in case of an emergency. The signage lets people know where emergency exits are, where stairwells are, and where fire extinguishers may be located.


What Are the Benefits of Interior Architectural Signage?

The biggest and more prominent benefit of interior architectural signage is that it helps individuals navigate your building. Close your eyes and image that you are in a hotel. Without signage, you may not know where the check-in desk is located, where elevators are, what floor the fitness or business center is on or what time the pool is open until and where you can grab something to eat. All of these signs provide people with the information they need when they are in any type of building, including a hotel, restaurant, mall, retail store, hospital, airport, office building or apartment building.


What Should You Consider When Designing Interior Architectural Signage?

When you are designing interior architectural signage, you need to ensure that your signs can be easily read and that they provide people in your building with the information they may be looking for. From there, you can bring in different colors or designs to make your signs unique.


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