The right banner can help to catch your targeted customer's eye. At B&B Image Group in Minneapolis, we can help you design a banner that is innovative and will let potential customers know what your business is about to set you apart from your competitors. Here are a few of the factors we focus on when designing the right banner for your business.


The Size and Type of Banner You Need

One of the first factors that go into designing the ideal banner for your business is the size and type of banner that you will need. In order to determine this, we will need to know how and where you plan on using or hanging the banner. If you plan on placing the banner on a wall at a trade show, a one-sided banner may be all that you need, in a size that fits within your booth. If you are going to a street fair and can hang the banner above your booth, a two-sided banner can help people on both sides of your booth see your sign. And if you are planning on displaying the banner on a street corner or in other open places, you may want a stand that allows you to create a three- or four-sided banner display.


The Type and Color of Ink

The color of the ink that is used on your banner helps make your banner more eye-catching and ensures people can read it. But the color of the ink alone is not the only decision when it comes to ink. We recommend using UV outdoor ink on banners, even if you plan on using them indoor. This type of ink will not fade due to light or sunlight and lasts longer, helping your banner to remain visible for a longer period of time.


The Design Layout of the Banner

The design layout of your banner is extremely important. You want potential customers to know our business name, determine what type of business you own and what products or services you offer, all from your banner. You also want to ensure the banner catches their attention when they are walking by. We can help you create the perfect design layout.


B&B Image Group in Minneapolis can help you design the perfect banner for your business. In addition, we offer many other printing services that can help your business to advertise. This includes digital printing, screen printing, custom art printing, coatings, signage, display, decor, prototyping, fabrication, and adhesive vinyl graphics. Call us at (612) 788-9461 to obtain a quote or schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss our businesses printing needs.