Digital printing gives businesses a chance to connect with their customers creatively. While it's true that customers may have one eye on their smartphone at all times, there's nothing like putting a physical piece of art in their hands or in front of their face to create a lasting impact. Digital printing is a easy way to explain who you are, what the feel of your company is, and encourage a potential customer to inquire more about your business. Here are five advantages of digital printing with B&B Image Group!


1.      Gets Your Name Out There
Whether you decide to create a brochure, rack card, or anything else, having your name at the top of a promotional item is an easy way to get your name out there. For new companies that want to get a jump on their revenue, digital printing is the best possible choice. It's one of the fastest ways you can get a lot done in a little time. We can help you create an effective design that will have the greatest impact on its viewer.

2.      Provides A Consistent Presence
You certainly don't want to have one flyer that's perfect and another where the colors look faded or discolored. Inconsistency will let the reader know that your company isn't paying attention to their advertising, and may not pay attention to you when the time comes. With B&B Image Group, you get true samples to approve before the project is set into motion.

3.      Large Format Friendly
B&B Image Group can do practically every printing service imaginable, including digital printing in the size you're looking for. From trade show graphics to retail signs to vehicle image wraps: it's one of the best ways to get eyes on oversized materials.

4.      Provides Versatility
Think it's time that you had a mural done for your office, but don't want to pay the painters? Have a banner that you want to put up at a local community event? Digital printing may not be right for every single type of print job, but it does offer a large range of options that business owners should find intriguing.

5.      Allows Many Variables
If you're planning to pass out colorful flyers from door-to-door, why not make it a little personal? Or maybe you have a mailing list that you want to customize. Digital printing doesn't have to look uniform. It can be changed based on location, service, or person. Use it when you have those bigger jobs that are going to reach a lot of people who may be interested in your service.


If you are interested in creating a custom signage for your office or next event contact us at B&B Image Group! Give us a call at 612-788-9461 or visit us online to learn about how we can help your take your brand to the next level!