Your retail signage isn’t something you have in your business to make your business look professional. It serves a purpose. It exists to inform your customers in a way that doesn’t overwhelm them. Some of your signage also functions as a marketing device for your business. So, what do you do when your signage isn’t working? You make it stand out.

Reconsider the Designs on Your Signage

Your logo: The logo on your signage should be symbolic. It should capture your customer’s attention without being unbearable. Your logo and the design of your signage should represent your brand without using words. If you find that it’s not doing exactly that, then you should consider redesigning your logo so that it meets these requirements.

Display Large Signage at Your Store’s Entrance

The location of your signage will also impact how customers receive your business. If you don’t have enough signs and you don’t have enough variations amongst your signs, then you may not get the warm reception from customers you hoped for with your signs. At B&B Image Group, we work with our customers to determine the best strategy for colors and size to increase our customer’s chances of getting noticed by potential customers who may be walking by their retail shop or online searching for a local shop.

Have Signs in Your Parking Lot

Your store isn’t the only place you want to market to your customers. You want to do it everywhere you can, to be honest. Start the process well before they get into your store by placing signs strategically in your parking lot. With this extra step, you can also attract customers who may not have been going to your store. The added benefit of attracting new customers will far outweigh the extra work required to place signs in your lot.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Another way to enhance your signage for your store is by enhancing your lighting. Lighting can make images look drab or glam. The lighting you choose will determine what effect you get from your signage to a certain extent. You should hire a professional to give you advice about what lighting works best for your store. Once that’s done, make sure you use lighting to highlight signs advertising discounts, promotions, and sales.

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