The signage you display on the exterior of your retail store is extremely important. It needs to be eye-catching to catch the attention of people driving, biking and walking by. But it also needs to be informative, letting these potential customers know what type of business you have and what products or services you offer. Some retail signs are bland and boring, while others are great at doing their job and attracting attention. If you need new retail signage, here are a few of the elements you may want to incorporate to help your sign stand out.


Contrast Your Colors

Using a neutral color against a bold, bright color helps to make things pop, as does using a dark color against a light one. When you are designing your retail signage, try to contrast colors to really make things pop. Most experts recommend using the darker color on your sign for things like words or numbers, as this makes it easier to read. Keep your font simple and readable and let your background color make a statement by catching people's eyes.


Communicate What Your Brand Is

Another key element that you need to incorporate into your retail signage is what your brand is. A huge mistake that business owners make is incorporating a cute design or picture into their sign that has nothing to do with their brand. You may love unicorns, but if your business is not in the unicorn business, it makes no sense to prominently display one on the limited sign space you have. Instead, find a graphic that accurately communicates what your brand is and what it is you have to offer to potential customers.


Incorporate Lighting

The last element that can make your retail signage stand out is lighting. If your signage has no lighting, no one will notice it when the sun sets. There are many different ways you can incorporate lighting into your sign, including back lighting, flood lights, and neon lights. It does not matter which type you use, as long as the sign shines brightly at night so it is visible all hours of the day.


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