A sign is so much more than a way to state existence. If a simple "Food Here" were effective then we would likely have simple universal symbols to represent where to eat and where to buy vehicles and other goods. However, humans like to know that they have choices and to feel like they are making the best one based on their tastes. This is why it is vital that your business has a sign to appeal to your target audience. It may surprise you what goes into making an effective sign to draw customers.


 3 Keys Proven to Draw Customers

  1. Brand It is clear when you see those golden arches that hot fries and hamburgers are available for a low price. The Cola or Pepsi logo is often all it takes to make someone want to quench their thirst immediately. Many people will pay more for a t-shirt with a brand symbol on it than the same quality shirt without the mark. There is no question that branding is vital, so make sure that your business has a brand symbol that customers can associate the quality of your goods.
  2. Appeal to the Eye A sign should use colors that have been proven scientifically to attract. This does not mean the brightest, in fact certain colors while eye-catching can be off-putting. According to Psychology Today, 90% of snap judgments about a product can be based on color alone. Certain colors like some shades of blue and green inspire feelings of trust and confidence this is why they are common branding choices for some products. The idea
  3. Draw Even if your brand is on point and your sign is designed with all of the psychological elements that make people want to look at it, it needs to convey something that will draw them in. Aside from the main sign that clearly conveys your brand and name additional banners or script that conveys something that is hard to pass by like a sale or something unique about your business.


Your sign is often the first impression and sometimes the only impression you get to make on potential customers. Getting it right is vital and with expert graphic designers and quality sign creators you can rest assured knowing that your business will not be overlooked in the competition.