Whether it involves retail signage, trade show materials or vinyl graphics, imagery plays a key role in attracting new business and influencing current clientele. Even in an age where digital media has taken on a more prominent role in advertising, custom banners, and other physical imagery still stand out as an effective way of increasing business and building brands.


Your signage will likely be the first thing your customers see, which makes that all-important first impression even more important. But the life of a typical graphic can be a hard one thanks to the tremendous amount of handling and wear involved. Faded or damaged graphics that have suffered their fair share of slings and arrows can easily turn off potential clientele and leave bad impressions. This is where coating comes in as a way to protect your graphics from wear and tear.


Protection from the Elements

One advantage of coating your prints is the protection it offers against the various elements, especially if your graphics are intended for outdoor use. Constant exposure to wind, moisture and UV-laden sunlight can leave your banners and other graphics weathered before their time. Most coatings include UV protection against fading, leaving your graphics to remain vibrant for longer periods of time.


Safe from Rough Handling

From the moment they’re put into service, your graphics will inevitably see plenty of wear and tear just from handling alone. Even when there’s extraordinary care put into handling promotional materials, the cumulative wear will eventually require those graphics to be replaced. Coating ensures that rough handling will not affect the quality of the image while extending its potential for reuse.


Different Coatings for Different Applications

Coatings come in a wide variety of forms to suit a broad range of uses. Liquid coatings are ideal for banners and other thin, flexible printed materials. Film coatings offer better, more durable protection against fading and scuffing, but they’re more susceptible to bending and flexing. Coatings can also be used to protect floor graphics from the inevitable wear and tear brought on by foot traffic. These coatings also feature a non-slip element that helps prevent accidents among pedestrian and vehicle traffic.


In a world dominated by all things visual, the image is everything, and the difference between success and failure can ride on how well those images hold up. B&B Image Group understands how important durable, long-lasting visuals can be for attracting your target audience and enhancing your public image. We offer a variety of coating options to help preserve your banners, retail signage, and other digital images.