Location matters. Whether you’re a small retailer or a multi-state store, you’ll need to position your retail signage for maximum impact. When customers feel welcomed, they’ll stick around. If you’re rolling out new signage, take note of the following, top-notch locations:


Location One: Across all Windows

If your store has multiple panes, consider installing a landscape picture across all of them. Exterior windows, are large canvases for your brand’s promotion. By incorporating lifestyle, product or service photos, you can capture the attention of passerby immediately.


Location Two: Above the Shelves

Placing retail signage above the shelves—specifically above the point-of-purchase location—can jumpstart your store’s sales. Observe customer traffic patterns, and determine where your store’s hottest area is, foot-traffic-wise. If your customers see your signage before checking out, they’ll certainly be back for more.


Location Three: Hanging from the Ceiling

If you have smaller signage, consider hanging it from the ceiling. Here, less is more. Post your brand’s SMS promotion, its website or even its number. Again, stick with small details. Hang it with care, and make sure your customers can get the picture without being overwhelmed.


Location Four: Between the Shelves

Once you’ve placed signage above the shelves, consider adding signage between end caps and rows. Digital printing works well when promoting products, and you can indicate hot sales, great pairings and memorable items with small print. It might be an accessory sign, but it’s highly effective.


Location Five: On a Small Stand

Hand-made signs, in particular, make excellent welcoming messages. Consider installing your retail signage outside, at knee level. In doing so, you’ll secure a casual vibe. You’ll also give your customers a “mom and pops” feel before they enter. Installing signs into stands is easy, so don’t worry about the labor requirements.


Make your signage lighthearted, and present your location’s best aspects with wide formats, interior architectural signage and banners. At B&B Image Group, we’re always ready to support your signage needs. Whether you’re promoting a new product, boosting your location’s sales or want to connect with local distributors, retail signage can take your promotions to the next level. Contact us today, and ask us about the options available for your store. Every storefront is different, and every sign choice can outfit your space with attention-grabbing details. Take care of your store, and your store will take care of you.