At B&B Image Group, we value the artists behind hand-painted signs, custom art prints, and creative retail signage. The hand-painted sign is back in action, and it’s trending across many retail spaces. While these awesome creations are making a comeback, they’re repeatedly popularized for several reasons. We’re covering the trend’s never-ending impact, introducing you into the hand-painted sign’s superior design and memorability.


A Resurgence in Design Blogs

Design blogs have experienced a popularity spike, recently, resulting in the growth of hand-painted signs. Today’s artists are creating time-lapse videos, showing viewers how to create their own art. Folk designs, in particular, are sweeping the nation.


Engaging and Memorable

Something about “hand-made” makes customers fall in love. Really, it makes sense. Small businesses thrive in one-on-one atmospheres, and few things are as homely, sincere and memorable as a handmade sign. Even businesses which render digital images to look like hand-drawn displays are thriving. When design productions are made to be engaging, they’re incredibly memorable. B&B Image Group offers both options, representing art in all forms.


Popularity in Books

Manual work has always been prized in America. Now, books like Handmade Nation and Shop Class as Soulcraft are on the rise. Illustrators and writers, seemingly, have joined forces in making the handmade sign incredibly prominent. Now, professional sign painters are benefiting. In many ways, high visibility via these craft books is resulting in a great deal of cultural investment.



If you want to present your own work, hand-made signs are a fantastic choice. Stationed outside your local area’s hottest retail areas, these signs can feature your painting, poetry and bold images. Hand-made signs are a “slice of life” deal, presenting a business’s finest aspects with the allure of paint. In some areas, hand-made signs are considered to be fine art. Not only do they present information, they add to the area’s culture.


We consider hand-made signs to be one of the purest marketing forms. B&B Image Group was founded in 1935, and we’ve seen signs come and go. While digital is the king of formats, today, hand-made signs aren’t going anywhere. Check out your hand-made retail signage options today, and use our printing services to bring out your best art. A couple of signs go a long way, and they’re invaluable to small businesses. If you want to contribute to a culture of representation, art, and cultural enthusiasm, look no further: B&B Image Group is here.