Companies that attend trade shows every month can begin to see them as just a part of the daily grind. But each show is a remarkable opportunity to stand out amongst a pack of people. There are a variety of components that determine your success, but part of it is having the right printing services and a well-designed booth. While it will still take people skills and an excellent product, these extra touches can help your display be the star instead of just another booth. 


Eye-Popping Pictures, Attention-Catching Words 

The best writer and photographer in the world is only as good as the designer of the final product. When you invest in creating pamphlets that tell others about who you are and what you do, you want people to do more than just toss it in a bag. You may be one of several dozen companies passing out some type of informational document, but there are ways to wake people up. Print doesn't have to use shock value, but it does need to show off why you're different than your major competitors (or why you're the new player to watch.) Play with different paper textures and configurations for best results. 


Use Table Throws 

Table throws are an eye-catching way to create a good first impression. They're especially noticeable when you offset their color with the color of the materials you'll place upon it. You should be working with neutral colors if you have colorful flyers or colorful throws if your pamphlets and flyers are more subdued. The company's logo is also an excellent base for picking out table throws. If the logo is blue and white, the throw might be blue while the table runner that goes in the center can be white. 


Organize and Structure 

People who aren't designers may find it difficult to create a space that works. Most people can tell you why they're uncomfortable in a cluttered space, but they may not be able to tell you how to fix it. The fewer kinds of material you have and the better quality they are, the more you push one single feature of your company, the more likely it is people will remember you. A salesman may be able to talk at length about the benefits of the company, but attendees only have so much mental energy to give.