Officially launching your business is a big deal, and it should be celebrated as such. Beyond having a great time, your grand opening is a great opportunity for your business to become noticed within your local community. Done right, it will help you draw customers to your door. The following are three grand opening strategies that help all businesses get noticed.

Great Uniquely-Designed Banners

Your grand opening should have banners. Banners serve to inform potential customers about events. You can choose to create special event banners, which you can use during your grand opening, or you can create banners you will use on a daily basis. For instance, if you need to display an important message about your business, your banners will easily get the attention of your customers once they enter your facilities. At B&B Image Group, we can create banners for you with vibrant colors for your grand opening and signage for everyday use for your store.

Get Your Local Radio Station Involved

Although many people rely heavily on their smartphones to listen to music, many people still listen to their local favorite radio station when they are in their car. In fact, including your local broadcasting station is a great way to help you reach a larger audience. By broadcasting using your local radio station, you get a variety of listeners that you may not have been able to reach on your own. Consider promoting your grand opening at least a week before the big event. By promoting a week in advance, you allow people to spread the word about your event.

Have Something for the Children

One way to draw people to your business is to have something special for children. You can choose to face paint, give out balloons, or give out free products from your store; however, when you get a child’s attention, you can get their parent’s attention. If you want to make it elaborate, you should consider making your grand opening a festival for children. A small festival for children will encourage parents to spend more time in the store. Of course, this strategy should be based on the type of business you have as well.

If you have recently opened a business, having a grand opening strategy will increase your business’s exposure. Start by getting signage for your business and your festival. B&B Image Group can help you create banners and signage for special occasions and everyday use. Give us a call to inquire about packages. We are happy to help you make your business grand opening a success.