So, you’ve secured the retail signage, the store banners and the outdoor presentation. What next? To maximize your advertising space, you’ll need to prioritize a few sign design options. Your customers come from a variety of backgrounds. Most might be interested in your business’s offerings. That said, you’ll need to present information in a fun, digestible format.


Below, we’re covering the five best tips retail sign advertisement spaces need to make an impact. If you’ve secured the printing services, screen prints and advertising real estate, check out the information below.


Tip One: Don’t Cram Information


Likely, your customers are on the go. They’re passerby, and they’re glimpsing your advertisement in the middle of a complex, often rushed, day. Don’t jumble up the information, and prep your sign design with easy-to-read formatting, simple pictures and immediate information. There’s a good chance your customers are driving by, after all.


Tip Two: Extend a “First Image”


A picture is worth a thousand words. As a company or business, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re using the right picture. Customers frequently judge a book by its cover. Can you blame them? To attract the buyers you want, you’ll need to make them fall in love with your business’s environment. If you’re using a wide format—great. But, make sure you’re pairing slick images with concise information.


Tip Three: Prepare for the Impulse Buys


Impulse buying amounts for almost half of retail purchases. Sure, you might’ve propped up the sign. You might’ve imbued it with awesome imagery, too. If, however, you’re not packing immediacy, your advertising space might be lacking in excitement. So, what can you do? Use deals, promotions and special occasions to your advantage. Then, make sure these messages are highly visible to your store’s biggest group of impulse buyers. If possible, target the products and services you know your customers love splurging on.


Tip Four: Don’t Compete with Your Own Color


Color psychology works, but you’ll need to balance it for maximum impact. Like the impulse buy, color attraction can be a fickle thing. Make sure your image color doesn’t clash with your text color. Sometimes, basic black-and-white color schemes are enough. If you’re planning on using diverse colors, however, check out your digital printing and screen printing options. Remember: Design colors rarely match the final product. Avoid yellows, pinks and light shades when outdoor advertisement is needed.


Tip Five: Use Your Call to Action


A call to action, or “CTA,” is an incredibly powerful tool. If you can narrow down your business’s customer promise, unique options and incomparable deals into eight words, do so. A simple, strong message is all you’ll need, and it’ll promote your business more than an extended message ever could. Use your display to your advantage, and place the CTA right where your customers will be looking.


Retail signage perfection takes time, but you certainly have resources at your disposal. Talk with your marketing team, and plan around store sales. Over time, you’ll start to see a difference in traffic.