There's no denying that online marketing makes an impact on your  business, although how big an impact might be exaggerated. Internet World Stats reports that 78 percent of the American population is online, and 73 percent of Americans log onto Facebook at least one time each month. While those statistics are impressive, it's noteworthy that there are a remaining 70 million Americans that simply cannot be reached via online marketing. Here are a few steps you can take  to reach that audience and increase your branding power through word of mouth. 

Determine a topic that will generate a buzz around your brand

Select a topic that will get your target audience talking about your brand. Topics might include ideas like: information on the brand itself or material that promotes one specific product or service within your brand. Make it an attention-grabbing topic that can be the center of conversation around the water coolers in the office or even in the home.  A topic that generates emotion is a good conversation sparker. 

Focus you energy on influencers, rather than consumers

Demographics should be thoroughly reviewed. In studying them, you can determine who will make the best brand advocate for your target audience. That person might be a local television or radio host, a political figure or just another  influential community stake holder. The chosen influencer will speak on your behalf and begin to generate a buzz about your brand, so it's important that person be a credible, known community member.  

Select a medium

Choose the outlet that you feel best promotes information sharing. To grab your influencers' attention, strategically post building signs, billboards, posters, etc. Seek out a popular local radio or television show to sponsor, so your information is delivered by local popular personalities that people know and trust. Create an exciting event and send a press release about that event to the top newspapers in your area.  

The Experts for Offline Branding

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