Are physical signs still important in today's digital world? You bet! Physical signs, especially for small businesses owners, remain a vital way of connecting with customers and helping them reach a sale decision. Here are several places where physical signs will not go out of style – and are often becoming more important than ever before.

1. In Front of Your Business

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you still need a large and beautiful sign to advertise your business. Not only will this help people locate your storefront, but this physical is particularly important when attracting walk-ins and new customers. Did you know that a significant number of casual customers make up their minds about entering a store basely simply on how the sign out front looks? Here, it's serving as your first impression – and it needs to impress.

2. On the Sidewalk

These sidewalk signs perform a slightly different role than primary, store title signs. They are more focused on brand-building, with advertisements, logos, a quick explanation of what you offer, the always-classic funny joke, and other information to convince busy pedestrians to walk on in. Think of these signs as initiating a conversation – given a warm hello to passerby when you don't have the time. However, consult your local regulation on sidewalk signs to find out what is appropriate when planning.

3. At Local Events

Whether you are sponsoring or setting up a product stall, you will probably have competition when it comes to local events. How will you stand out? With a great sign! Here's another location where physical signs are more valuable than ever. You need a way to both draw people's attention to your sponsorship/stall, and convince them that your offering is superior to the businesses around you. One of the most effective options is a large, well-made banner or sign that effectively showcases your logo, colors and brand.

4. When Advertising Specials

Most customers are physical explorers: What we mean is that, even if they come in for a specific purpose, they like to browse your store. Most will at least take stock of any POS counters or menus you have before getting down to business. And those who read about a deal you are offering will be looking for some indication that 1)the special is still ongoing and 2)this is where you go to take advantage of it. Advertising specials is an important type of confirmation and direction when people come it to take advantage of your discounts!

5. When Explaining the Details

This is particularly important for larger brick and mortar stores but applies to nearly everyone with a storefront. Unless customers have visited several times in the past, they don't know where everything is. They may not know where certain products are, where all the exits are, where you keep the bathrooms, and much more. Essentially, you need directions inside your own store, and only physical signs can help with that.