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Printing 101: Preparing Digital Documents for Physical Printing

Digital images have to be prepared before they can be physically printed. After all, a physical document is very different from a digital screen. Though we will work with you to ensure that your files print correctly, there are some things you can do to prepare your document for accurate printing beforehand.

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The Fine Art of Making Custom Art Prints

Making custom art prints is an artistic skill that benefits from having a keen eye for subtle differences in color, using high-quality inks that are fade-resistant, and choosing a good artwork paper to print on that is acid neutral. Selecting a good quality paper helps the images to last longer without fading and maintain their original color.

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The Evolution of Screen Printing

Screen printing is an economical and effective way to mass produce imagery and signage. Companies often utilize screen printing to quickly replicate advertisements or signs that will last for years. While the idea of mass production seems very modern in concept the truth is screen printing has been around for over one thousand years.

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4 Signage Trends to Look for in 2018

2018 is here and the year brings with it some trends that are worth watching out for. Here, B&B Image Group offers its projections concerning the biggest hits in signs that will not only be popular in 2018 but will also make your brand more noticeable.

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How Image Coating Helps Your Images Last Longer

Whether it involves retail signage, trade show materials or vinyl graphics, imagery plays a key role in attracting new business and influencing current clientele. Even in an age where digital media has taken on a more prominent role in advertising, custom banners, and other physical imagery still stand out as an effective way of increasing business and building brands.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Use B & B Image Group for Your Printing Needs

In this day and age with affordable consumer printing technology, you may wonder why you still need a professional printer. There are actually many reasons why it is important to use professional printers. Keep in mind that the quality of printed material your business uses reflects on your business. You don't want to use something that looks unprofessional because you just printed it out yourself. Using a professional printer will ensure that your printing jobs are completed more quickly, more cheaply, more accurately, with better quality, and with professional graphic design. When you consider all the benefits you can get from using a professional printer, it really is a no brainer. To learn more about these benefits, read on.

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How to Make Your Store's Banner Stand Out

There are many benefits to using a banner to advertise for your business. A banner can let customers know the name of your store and what types of products you offer or tip them off that there is a special event, such as a sale, happening that day. However, many businesses use banners and people walking by have learned to block them out. As such, you need to make yours unique and innovative in order for it to stand out and get a potential customer's attention. Here are a few ways to help make your store's banner stand out.

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Retail Signage: How to pick the right sign for your business

Signs are a great way to advertise your business. Whether you a start-up business or you're an established business in your community, selecting the right signage can be integral to your success. There are many factors to consider when picking a sign style and design. Will the sign be lighted? How big will it be? Does the sign properly represent your brand? Business owners should ask themselves these questions and more before ordering signage.

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Becoming the Talk of the Town: Offline Branding

There's no denying that online marketing makes an impact on your  business, although how big an impact might be exaggerated. Internet World Stats reports that 78 percent of the American population is online, and 73 percent of Americans log onto Facebook at least one time each month. While those statistics are impressive, it's noteworthy that there are a remaining 70 million Americans that simply cannot be reached via online marketing. Here are a few steps you can take  to reach that audience and increase your branding power through word of mouth. 

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Invigorate Your Space with Custom Interior Architectural Signage

It’s important to communicate with your visitors, and directing traffic with lucrative, stylish interior architectural signage is important. Gain access to a broad sign portfolio, following the world’s best signage solutions. When communication is prioritized, your outlet is both unique and functional.

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