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Four Ways to Use Wall Murals in Your Business

As a business owner, you want to make a lasting impression on your clients. More business owners than ever are turning to digital printing to help them create the brand identity that drives brand loyalty among their customers. Digital advertising tools such as bumper stickers and in-store display graphics are common tools. However, one of the most effective ways a business can incorporate adhesive vinyl graphics is often overlooked. At B&B Image Group in Minneapolis, we love to help you create beautiful graphics your customers will love. Read on to learn four ways you can use wall murals in your business.

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How to Create a Theme Using Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

Adhesive vinyl graphics are useful for retail signage and interior architectural signage, especially in creating a theme and decor that is for temporary display. Many retail operations like to decorate the shop with an appropriate theme. Adhesive vinyl graphics are the perfect choice for this because they will adhere to almost any surface and are easy to reposition or remove for reuse at another time.

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The Evolution of Screen Printing

Screen printing is an economical and effective way to mass produce imagery and signage. Companies often utilize screen printing to quickly replicate advertisements or signs that will last for years. While the idea of mass production seems very modern in concept the truth is screen printing has been around for over one thousand years.

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3 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Display Pop in 2018

When you attend a trade show, you want all eyes on your display. It needs to highlight your company and its brand in a professional and positive manner. The following ideas can easily update your trade show display and make it easier to capture the attention of those people that you're targeting.

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Reasons Why Signage is Essential for a Retail Store

When you have a brick-and-mortar store, it is essential that you bring in foot traffic. However, this can be very difficult to do if people do not know that your store is there or that you are open. This is the primary reason that you should have signage outside of your retail store but it is important to know how essential it is to the life of your business going forward. These are the main benefits of having retail signage and what makes it so essential to your business.

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Location, Location, Location! Is your sign placed in the best place to draw business?

Even if you put in the effort to make sure your sign is concise and eye-catching, it won't matter as much if it is not also in a location that can actually be seen by potential customers. When it comes to signage the mantra of real estate is not off base, and this is that location, location, location is key.

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Examples of Digital Printing Solutions for Your Business

Much of the modern world is going digital; we no longer rely on printing plates. Instead, a file is sent directly to a printer for a laser or inkjet printer to generate the finishing product. When you utilize digital printing for marketing, you have the ability to increase your revenue more rapidly than ever before and so many digital printing projects exist for businesses to use.

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Jazz Up Your Business With Custom Prints

Every little detail is important in this competitive business atmosphere if you want to stand out. Having high-quality prints in your business will help it look more prestigious and classy. This is an important touch, especially if you are running a store that sells luxury items or a fancy restaurant. To learn more about how to obtain and display high-quality prints, read on.

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Advertise with Adhesive Vinyl Graphics On a Company Car

Adhesive vinyl graphics can be a great way to advertise your company. If you have a company car, you can display these graphics on a car and increase visibility for your company wherever you drive. You could even put these graphics on your personal car if you choose. There is a large focus on digital advertising in this day and age, and this is all well and good. However, traditional advertising like adhesive graphics can still be very effective if used properly. To learn more about these graphics and how to use them, read on.

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5 Ways a Professional Designer Can Help Your Business

Having a professional designer can make all the difference when creating professional signage for your business. Not only can a designer create an eye catching sign, but he or she can also create a cohesive unity to your signage. Below, we have outlined the top 5 ways a professional designer can help elevate your business.

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